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His triumph in the 1986 World Cup, stupendous though it was, is in many ways eclipsed by what he achieved at Napoli between 1984 and 1990. Maradona was under no illusions about football’s symbolic power, or its limits. Not even Pelé in 1970 dominated an entire tournament all by himself, the way Maradona dominated Mexico ’86. Argentina met Italy in the opening match of the second-round group stage. But there are other connotations too: to dodge, swerve, feint. The Editor Such was Juventus’ dominance in the 1970s that eight of the starting 11 for that tournament played for them. KS. Beckenbauer was also not an assured tackler. They support Argentina because they feel they owe it to Maradona. Suddenly, he sprang up, guiding the bouncing ball with his left foot across the box, in front of the flat-footed goalkeeper Giovanni Galli, and into the bottom right corner of the net. Burruchaga’s 77th minute goal was from another piece of Maradona magic. Maradona vs Messi is the Hottest Debate in Football Circles. Terry Butcher came again to tackle. The likes of Scirea, Barresi etc were more skilful and blessed than any of the lesser mortals playing at this moment. As they celebrated in the streets, no one really paid me any attention, though a few people now and then, assuming I was norteamericano, taunted me with the result. Gaetano Scirea. News, results and discussion about the beautiful game. The first game in Group A was against South Korea. If you could get a colour TV set, that is. Scirea caught up … I didn’t say anything, but I marvelled at how quickly adulation could turn to hate. Maradona was also named Player of the Tournament. It is but Vierchowod(has kept van basten/maradona quiet) is a far better defender than montero, scirea vs azpi is also a no contest. He could score with his first touch or his ninth, from a free kick or open play, collecting the ball in the six-yard box or his own half, with his right foot or his left foot or his head or his fist. That term at school was dominated by the build-up to the tournament. Under Maradona’s captaincy, Napoli won the scudetto in 1987 and 1990, finished second in 1988 and 1989, and took the Coppa Italia in 1987 and the Uefa Cup in 1989. I happened to be in La Paz on 11 July 1995, the night Bolivia unexpectedly beat the USA 1-0 in the Copa América in Uruguay. Italy 1 Argentina 1 in 1986 in Puebla. It looked as if his career might be over, but he came back in January 1984 to score two goals in the rain against Sevilla. Maradona mencetak gol ini dengan sangat cantik. the author. Coached by Carlos Bilardo, the Albicelestes played in a counter-attacking 3-5-2 formation, with Maradona playing as traditional No.10, and striker Jorge Valdano the most advanced player, coming in from the right wing to capitalise on Maradona’s through-balls. Group A of the 1986 FIFA World Cup was one of six groups of national teams competing at the 1986 FIFA World Cup.The group's first round of matches began on 31 May and its last matches were played on 10 June. Would Messi have had the same success as Mardona against defences having Maldini, Baresi, Tasotti, Bergomi, Scirea and Gentile week-in week-out? Gaetano Scirea 0 vote(s) 0.0% Elias Figueroa 0 vote(s) 0.0% Dearman Member. World Cup - Spain 1982, Second Round During the tournament, the Azzurri used the entire Juventus back four of Gentile, Cabrini, Scirea and Antonello Cuccureddu, all in front of their domestic team mate Dino Zoff. He then speeded down the right, swerving past a lunging Terry Butcher. Argentina Feb 24, 2010 Bangkok, Thailand ... Maradona was 16 and played 11 games the year Figueroa won his third award (1976). They already loved Brazil, with that team’s jogo bonito (the beautiful game) forming a sort of ideal for Indian football in general. He played his first professional game for Argentinos Juniors (their ground is now named after him) in October 1976, when he was only 15, and showed his skill by nutmegging Juan Domingo Cabreras. Should you be worried about new coronavirus strains? Maradona, in an unforgettable run, in the play of all time. I was disappointed by the result of that game, of course. vhs challenges the great samples of the 80s platini, zico, maradona, scirea, antognoni, conti, rummenigge, p. rossi, di bartolomei vhs sealed duration 65 miniutes more than 1850 positive warranty feedback !! ‘¡Viva Bolivia!’ South America’s poorest and most put-upon nation had defeated the Goliath of the North, and that night anything seemed possible, though the historically significant events in Bolivia that year were taking place elsewhere, and had nothing to do with football. .. Retro Football: Gentile, Scirea, Maradona e Tardelli, 1982 ... Scirea, Maradona e Tardelli, 1982. The team’s quick counter-attacking style was firing on all cylinders. His performance in these two games alone would have made him an all-time World Cup icon, but coming after the “Goal of the Century”, you could say that the two games were rather underwhelming (they weren’t). On the other hand the pace of the game is vastly superior in the Messi era comapared to the Maradona era, when goalkeeper could still pick up the backpass. Peter Shilton came off the line and spread himself. There’s one key attribute that elevates a footballer in the eyes of a Bengali. Maradona failed a drugs test in March 1991, testing positive for cocaine, and was banned for 15 months. He escaped them, only to be hacked down by a fourth. But that only diminishes him. He had a personal demon to exorcise as well. L'uomo e il campione, un esempio per tutti - Man, champion, example for all - Duration: 16:59. ‘Soy inglés,’ I replied earnestly, as if anyone cared. Until 22 June, he was everyone’s hero. And then, to the quarter-final, and the most famous match in World Cup history. Picking up the ball in the centre-circle, in the Argentina half and facing his own goal, Maradona spun around, completely wrong-footing Peter Beardsley and Peter Reid. What planet are you from, to leave in your wake so many Englishmen?” screamed Radio Argentina’s commentator Victor Hugo Morales in Spanish. Poll closed Oct 3, 2011. He was polymorphous. Maradona in 1984 was ‘broken, famished and restless’, Saviano said, and ‘therefore perfect for Naples’. After Napoli won the league, Berlusconi offered to double Maradona’s salary if he went to AC Milan. All Blacks pay tribute to Maradona before match vs. Pumas. “Diegoal! Think what you like, Ron, but Scirea was no slouch. In 1992 he left Napoli and moved to Sevilla, and in 1993 went back to Argentina. The entire sequence had taken nine seconds. He wrote his autobiography there: ‘Here in the Havana night, while I learn to savour Cuban cigars, I begin to remember,’ turning his mind back to Villa Fiorito, the ‘poor neighbourhood on the outskirts of Buenos Aires’ where he grew up, in a house ‘where it rained more inside than out’. In the 1990 World Cup, Argentina faced Italy in a semi-final in Naples. None of those goals was scored by Diego Maradona, but he set them all up. But Maradona, seen live on screen, was nothing short of mythic. Listen to this piece read by Back to the Bengalis. Ihave​ a theory – more of a hunch, really – that to be a real football fan you have to commit to a team by the age of six, or eight at the latest. Read | Diego Maradona at World Cup 1982: the innocent devil. Maradona slowed down a jot, teased Shilton and then rounded him to his right. In the round-of-16 match against Uruguay, Maradona seemed to be playing a different game from the other 21 players around him. Diego Maradona in action against Belgium in the semi-final of the 1986 World Cup. It could be argued that the history of the World Cup can be defined as before and after the game between England and Argentina 32 years ago -- with one Diego Armando Maradona as protagonist. The Daily Mail claimed Peter Shilton still couldn’t forgive him. 28 Little Russell Street The Italy fans from elsewhere in the peninsula started going after Maradona and – in the words of Saviano, who, aged 11, was there on the curva – ‘something incredible happened.’ For a second, the Napoli fans fell silent, as if taking a deep breath. He could be considered an even better footballer than Maradona, but Messi has failed quite spectacularly with Argentina. And what a goal it had been – ‘a lovely goal’, he called it in his autobiography, ‘one of my best ever’ – racing past Gaetano Scirea to pick up Jorge Valdano’s pass, springing into the air just outside the six-yard box to take the ball at the top of the bounce, almost as if he were playing tennis with his foot, tapping it home with his left instep past the keeper’s outstretched hand into the far corner of the goal. ‘I was used to getting the shit kicked out of me when I played with the kids, but here I would soon learn that I had to jump in time … If you don’t learn that, after the third kick you can’t go on.’ In September 1983, when he was at Barcelona, his ankle was broken by a vicious sliding tackle from behind by Andoni Goikoetxea, the Butcher of Bilbao. Ron Atkinson was less impressed than he should have been: ‘The feller’s a little bit quick … that’s what makes him special, but I still think the defender was a little bit steady there.’ Think what you like, Ron, but Scirea was no slouch. One of the oft-repeated truisms of tournament football is that teams need to pace themselves, slowly growing into the tournament and reaching top gear at the business end. The referee didn’t see it, and Maradona gambled, pretending it was a perfectly legal headed goal, even as the England players howled with outrage. Then, Pablo Aimar. Gaetano Scirea (Italian pronunciation: [ɡaeˈtaːno ʃʃiˈrɛːa]; 25 May 1953 – 3 September 1989) was an Italian professional footballer who is considered one of the greatest defenders of all-time.. Scirea is one of only five players in European football history to have won all international trophies for football clubs recognized by UEFA and FIFA. Going into the quarter-final against England, he’d scored just one goal, in a 1-1 draw with Italy, but he’d already made the tournament his own. Italy’s hard man defender Claudio Gentile was assigned the task of marking Maradona. The Asamblea por la Soberanía de los Pueblos, the political forerunner of Morales’s Movimiento al Socialismo, was founded in March 1995. Maradona was already running at full speed to meet the pass before the ball had even left Valdano's boot, rushing past Italy defender Gaetano Scirea. He expected his loyalty to be repaid. Before the 1986 World Cup, hardly anyone in India knew of Maradona. Diego Maradona’s career saw extremes of joy, success and adulation. Maradona! Maradona held him off, and while falling over, slipped the ball into the empty net. For the Bengali and, I dare say, for football fans in the global south in general, one of the reasons the game is so important is because it’s a trickster’s game. ‘The fouling was unbelievable,’ he later wrote. Anyone who thinks that Argentina robbed England of the World Cup need only watch the semi-final against Belgium, a masterclass they won 2-0, both goals scored by Maradona. England were in fine form in the tournament, and in Gary Lineker, they possessed the deadliest striker of the World Cup, with five goals to his name. The No.10 skipped past his marker down the left, before swivelling to hit a pin-point cross for Burruchaga to head in. It’s enough to make you cry, forgive me. And 1986 was Maradona’s World Cup. That’s just not true, they either support Brazil, or they support Maradona. Everyone (well, almost everyone) had the Panini sticker album and was blowing all their pocket money trying to complete it. It was only fitting then that he would be the one to bring Argentina level. But both Argentina and Maradona had already found their groove by the time they met Bulgaria in the third group-stage match. r/soccer: The football subreddit. So while Bengalis are fond of Messi, they don’t really care as much, because Messi's exploits have been with Barcelona. Saved by Manuel Nappo. Rijkaard-Platini-Beckenbauer-Iniesta-Scirea-Kalle vs Pele-Ronaldo-Maradona-Cafu-Nesta. I had wanted England to win and my heart, too, leaped when John Barnes came on to make those electrifying runs up the left wing, and Gary Lineker scored. (They had been friends since 1987.) It’s the art of katano. Diego!” We all began to support Maradona. Zico is fair enough (2nd in 76, 1st in 77). Maradona set up all three. The next game against reigning world champions Italy was trickier. Loosely translated, it would mean “to dribble”. Goalkeeper Peter Shilton and Maradona went for the ball, both leaping for it...and then Maradona poked it over the much bigger Shilton’s head with his left hand. (Photo: Getty Images), Diego Maradona and the story of the 1986 World Cup, What's real wasabi? You see, it was never about following European club football. And Diego Maradona, who died on 25 November at the age of 60, was the ultimate trickster, the artful dodger, the fox who became the king of the jungle because he willed it so. Maradona: Soccer's Greatest and Most Controversial Star eBook: Maradonna, D A: Kindle Store Here was a diminutive, slightly squat man, taking on the Europeans and then demolishing them as he ran circles around them. ‘I was expected to praise the referees after all that?’ And it has always seemed to me – though this probably only goes to show, once again, that I’m not a real football fan – that the Hand of God was a far lesser crime than all the punishment meted out on Maradona’s ankles over the years. The final team was selected by 140 France Football correspondents around the world. It’s what an international star does for his national team that matters. A footballer who can katao is the best, because that’s what football is about. London Review of Books Usai menerima umpan terobosan dari gelandang Argentina, tanpa mengontrol bola terlebih dulu, Maradona langsung melepas sepakan ke gawang yang mengecoh bek Gaetano Scirea … Four minutes later, Maradona flipped on God-mode and gave the finest masterclass in katano that the World Cup has ever seen. Played under a blistering noonday sun, England were poor, and Argentina not much better. It was a beautiful goal. In the main this was because Indian television was in its infancy. A brilliant YouTube clip shows Gentile’s adroit practice of the defensive dark arts on a young Maradona. His cocaine and alcohol problems persisted. After five minutes, having been fouled yet again, he was lying on the ground in agony, but got up to take a free kick that Valdano slotted home. And it would be fair to say that since Maradona’s humiliating exit from the world stage after failing a dope test, the search has been on for the next master of katano from Argentina. !. For the entirety of the first half and the first five minutes of the second half, the only thing of note was England defender Terry Fenwick’s persistent fouling of Argentinian players, including a punch on Maradona’s head in the 50th minute. Korea were playing in only their second World Cup after 1950, and the match was the walkover many had predicted. Diego Maradona is tracked by Gaetano Scirea in Group A at the World Cup Finals. And then came the “Hand of God”. But Maradona was more savvy in 1986, not the least because he now plied his trade in Italy, and knew exactly how to counter the Italian defence. Argentina cantered to a 3-0 lead by the 46th minute, with Valdano scoring two goals and Oscar Ruggeri the third. He had the talent but not the sheer willpower. This site requires the use of Javascript to provide the best possible experience. Diego Armando Maradona (Spanish: [ˈdjeɣo maɾaˈðona]; 30 October 1960 – 25 November 2020) was an Argentine professional football player and manager.Widely regarded as one of the greatest players of all time, he was one of the two joint winners of the FIFA Player of the 20th Century award. ‘It was an extraordinary success for Argentinian football,’ he said of winning the World Cup, ‘but nothing more than that … We didn’t change the world, we didn’t bring down the price of bread. ‘The knocks were big,’ he remembered. Barry Davies, commentating for the BBC, cried out, “You have to say that’s magnificent! Hear it from Japanese farmers, In photos | Iconic movie stars we lost in 2020, This vegetarian kebab recipe will bring the hills home, How a blue whale song led scientists to a new population in Indian Ocean. And in that, as in much else, the über-trickster, the master of katano, the cherubic little demon Diego Armando Maradona, will forever reign supreme. In January 2000, Fidel Castro invited him to Cuba to get clean. Juventus 138,647 views While Doordarshan had broadcast the semi-finals and final of the 1982 World Cup live, the entirety of Mexico ’86 was broadcast live, and in colour. Maradona, the arch-trickster, sprang to life when England defender Steve Hodge sliced a clearance high into his own penalty box. For a brief while, it was Ariel Ortega. In the quarter-final against England, Terry Butcher sliced him down after he’d outpaced five England players to score the ‘Goal of the Century’. Unlike my friends whose fathers took them to watch Aldershot’s Fourth Division tussles on Saturday afternoons, I don’t remember watching a football match before the 1986 Mexico World Cup, when I was already nine and a half. Bibek Bhattacharya. The Azzurri overcame all the odds, controversy, doubts and even scandal to lift the 1982 World Cup. Maradona was almost untouchable and Valdano was in ruthless goalscoring mood. L’Équipe, an impartial paper, went with: ‘Dieu est mort.’. Opponents who couldn’t take the ball off him had to find another way to stop him. He was close to several Latin American leftist leaders in his later years: not only Castro but also Hugo Chávez and Evo Morales, and he spoke out against the coup in Bolivia a year ago. Someone counted that Gentile had committed 23 fouls on Maradona that day. ‘Then you heard only: “Diego! Pure football genius.”. In the 36th minute Valdano received a pass in front of the Italy penalty box. And our fascination with him never paled. He lacked the physique to do so. London Review of Books, Please change your browser settings to allow Javascript content to run. In that moment, our homeland … was Diego.’. Maradona kisses the World Cup trophy after Argentina defeated West Germany 3-2 in the final. read. In many ways, the Argentina of 1986 were similar to Napoli: a primarily defensive-minded team with few outstanding talents. Cambiasso and Simeone will have their hands full with blanchflower and seedorf so not sure how much they will be helping out. 31-ago-2017 - Argentina vs Italy..1982..Diego Maradona was manhandled by the Italian defence. Joined Feb 10, 2017 Messages 8,119 Location All over the place. He stayed where he was. He spun away from his marker, ghosting into space at the edge of the penalty area. 31-ago-2017 - Argentina vs Italy..1982..Diego Maradona was manhandled by the Italian defence. Sat., Nov. 28, 2020 timer 1 min. Jul 26, 2019 #54 Jim Beam The Joker. London, WC1A At his first touch in the South Korea game, less than a minute in, Maradona had been surrounded by three opposition players. Raised in Villa Fiorito, a notoriously rough slum located in the suburbs of Buenos Aires, he escaped a life of poverty and crime to achieve his dreams. He ran rings around Uruguay, who seemed so intent on stopping the Argentina captain that they were unable to string together too many attacks of their own. It’s a game where one who has nothing can still triumph by dodging the rules, the harsh challenges, the unfair structures of oppression. Maradona, a yard ahead to the left, probably anticipated a first-time chipped pass from Valdano. But I wasn’t prepared for the animosity and invective directed against Maradona in the playground the next day. Apart from the biggest talent in the world, that is. The fans replied with a huge banner hung from the stands of San Paolo stadium: ‘Diego, we love you, but we are Italian.’ Italy soon went 1-0 up, to the crowd’s delight. But he dribbled himself into cul-de-sacs. Writing after Maradona’s death, footballer after Indian footballer has pointed out the pivotal role that 1986 played in their understanding of the game’s full potential. Finally, for over the past decade, there has been Lionel Messi. ITA vs BUL - Scirea tackling a Bulgarian player ARG vs KOR - Maradona gets past a Korean defender ARG vs KOR - Maradona is brutally tackled by a Korean defender ARG vs KOR - Argentina goalie Pumpido makes a save ARG vs ITA - Maradona tackled by Italy's Bagni ARG vs ITA - Cabrini and Ruggeri in an aerial battle ARG vs BUL - Maradona with a heel-kick Opponents who couldn’t take the ball off him had to find another way to stop him. In Kolkata, there’s East Bengal, Mohun Bagan and Mohammedan Sporting—more than enough clubs to support. A place in the semi-finals was up for grabs. Valdano’s lobbed pass duly arrived. A few days after Maradona died, Roberto Saviano, the journalist and author of Gomorra, spoke on Italian TV about what he had meant to Naples, their ‘natural alliance’ of ‘generosity and craftiness, instinct and calculation’. Get a summary of the Italy vs. Brazil football match. Someone put a giant poster up on the classroom wall, a composite image of action shots of the star players, with Michel Platini – the undisputed king of European football – in pride of place. But, for ninety minutes at a time, he could make everyone forget them. It’s easy to see the two goals as representative of the two sides of Maradona, the genius and the cheat. Argentina had equalised, Maradona had gained his revenge, and his first outstanding act of the tournament had been registered. He was coming off his best season yet for Napoli, guiding the Neapolitans to third in the Serie A and finishing as the club’s top scorer with 11 goals. Everyone high-mindedly claimed it was the Hand of God they couldn’t stand, but I wondered, and still wonder, if it wasn’t the second goal that riled them; or both goals together, in such close order. By identifying with Maradona, Bengalis were also tapping into their own anti-colonial history. Argentinian forward Diego Maradona (R) and Italian defender Gaetano Scirea during the World Cup first round match between Argentina and Italy 05 June 1986 in Puebla. Maradona was already running at full speed to meet the pass before the ball had even left Valdano's boot, rushing past Italy defender Gaetano Scirea. Then Maradona took it upon himself to set things right for Argentina. The ball sticking to his left boot as if in thrall, he went past Fenwick into the penalty area. It’s an oft-repeated fact that Bengalis (and Malayalis) are split down the middle between supporting Brazil and Argentina. For the longest time, the match was nothing to write home about. Argggh this one will be tough to vote for. Maradona proved too quick for him, as he did for almost everyone. Scirea VS Figuroa. Read anywhere with the London Review of Books app, available now from the App Store for Apple devices, Google Play for Android devices and Amazon for your Kindle Fire. Bulgaria was duly rolled over 2-0, with Valdano and Jorge Burruchaga scoring one goal apiece. Among Maradona’s highlights was a gorgeous free kick which bounced off the bar and a parade of flicks, drag-backs, quick turns and breathtaking close control. (Photo: Getty Images), Diego Maradona at a felicitation ceremony in Kolkata in 2008. There was a lot of pre-tournament interest in the South Korean team – they’d qualified for the first time since 1954; the Seoul Olympics were coming up; subliminal Cold War brainwashing – but that soon faded after they lost 3-1 to Argentina in their opening game. By Although Argentina only won 1-0, the margin would have been far bigger had his teammates put away the many chances that Maradona had laid on a plate for them. It didn’t last. But then, in the 68th minute, Claudio Caniggia equalised for Argentina. Namun, Maradona sukses menyamakan kedudukan pada 34. Maradona – who knew all too well how atrociously the city was treated by the north of the country – told the press the Neapolitans should support him rather than the Italian national side. Please include name, address and a telephone number. By Keiran Smith The Associated Press. Please include name, address, and a telephone number. London, WC1A 2HN What was really intolerable was that Maradona could sneak a handball past the keeper and the ref – a trick, let’s not forget, that involved outjumping a man seven inches taller than him – when he didn’t even need to, as he insouciantly demonstrated a few minutes later, zipping through the England players like a motorcycle through a traffic jam. The British tabloids couldn’t let it go even after Maradona’s death last month, several of them declaring in their headlines that he was now ‘in the hands of God’. Vijay Rahaman takes us back to one of Italy’s greatest sporting achievements. Maradona was just as brilliant in the semi-final against Belgium and the final against Germany. The Editor Gentile pushed, body-checked and scythed down the Argentina No.10 repeatedly, completely throwing him off his game. No doubt Butcher couldn’t help it, though twenty and even thirty years later he was still talking about wanting to punch or throttle Maradona for the goal he’d scored unapologetically with his fist four minutes earlier. For highlights from the latest issue, our archive and the blog, as well as news, events and exclusive promotions. Maradona proved too quick for him, as he did for almost everyone. Why Atal Bihari Vajpayee wanted to visit Pakistan, 90-year-old Bengaluru woman in 'thukdam', or post-death meditative state, surprises scientists, What Assam’s move to 'secularise' education misses, In Punjab, families of the 'disappeared' await justice. 28 Little Russell Street Italy were ahead in the sixth minute, via a penalty scored by Alessandro Altobelli. It wasn’t only the South Koreans who went for his ankles in the 1986 World Cup. Argentina and Italy played to a 1-1 tie. The Ballon d'Or Dream Team is an all-time all-star team published by France Football on 14 December 2020 after conducting an internet poll of fans to select a football dream team starting from October 2020. A second and a third team were also published. When he arrived – and more than seventy thousand fans turned out at his presentation to welcome him to the San Paolo stadium (which is now going to be renamed after him) – the club had never won a title and was struggling to avoid relegation from Serie A, which was dominated then (as it is again today) by the wealthier northern teams. And he delivered. It’s a lovely thought that football players can solve people’s problems through playing, I wish we could.’ He couldn’t solve anyone’s problems, least of all his own. Cosmic kite! After his appearance in the match against SPAL, Giorgio Chiellini became the fifth Juventus player with more official appearances of all time, after Del Piero, Buffon, Scirea, Furino Close 70 He failed another drugs test, this time for adrenaline, in the 1994 World Cup in the US. Scirea caught up with him though and Maradona seemed to be heading out too wide to the left. Did none of these boys remember how they’d felt, or what they’d said, about Maradona only days earlier? England vs Argentina. At his first touch in the South Korea game, less than a minute in, Maradona had been surrounded by three opposition players. In the 1982 World Cup, Maradona had arrived as a much hyped 21-year-old. Enigma_87 said:

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