rafale e typhoon confronto

The lower the altitude, the greater Rafale’s margin of advantage; the higher one goes, the better Typhoon performs relatively. The Rafale’s RCS reduction won’t be much of a use due to Sukhoi’s L-band antennas built into the wing’s leading edges and rudders which can pick up faint … It also has American-made CABs. Both types have a similar ferry range with a ‘heavy’ three tank fit. In terms of instantaneous turn rate, Rafale has a slight advantage in air combat configuration and that increases with heavier multirole or strike loads. However, the biggest win in recent years is for Typhoon from Germany for both the Quadriga-standard replacement order for the Tranche 1s and also 90 aircraft to replace Germany’s Tornado fleet in the conventional strike role. ( Log Out /  We went back to Justin Bronk and asked him to revisit this analysis to include half a decade’s worth of development and weapons integration which has now placed these two aircraft at the top of their game. What are the role of Indian LCH and Apache Helicopter ? Both types are highly tolerant of bad weather conditions although Rafale-M has an edge in terms of landing conditions tolerances due to the carrier-suitability adaptions. Most countries will not be able to purchase 5th generation equipment because of the prohibitive cost and high operating costs. Dassault Aviation first won a contract to … For such targets, Typhoon users would employ Paveway II/III/IV series weapons. I guess it would take a lot of money to upgrade them to the latest version? India interested in producing submarines with Russia, 10 interesting facts about the International Space Station, China new dry dock for “Aircraft carrier”: Type 002 Aircraft Carrier Will Launch Soon. Air-to-air engagements at short ranges and why?RBE2 due to much faster AESA scan, acquisition and classification of target capabilities, greater resistance to dropping contacts during manoeuvres, as well as excellent information display for pilots in F3R cockpit. I asked a Eurofighter pilot about this and I’m still not quite sure it’s a meaningful thing. Also Damocles is replaced by TALIOS as part of F3R. The range reaches up to 60 km (up to 1 meter) against 28 km at JDAM. Aero India Day-1: Rafale, B-52, Gripen-E, Typhoon And Other Aircraft Light Up Bengaluru’s Yelahanka Air Force Base. China’s Shandong aircraft carrier completes sea trial, but not combat ready, The 5 most powerful stealth weapons ever built by the US, Top 5 Best Fighter Aircraft In Middle East. Typhoon (Tranche 2 and 3)’s main strike armament of Paveway IV, Brimstone and Storm Shadow give it world-leading high-precision, low-collateral damage tools for most ground targets. TAURUS HPM (High Power Microwave) is a missile equipped with a special combat unit with a high-power microwave emitter to disable enemy information systems and energy sources. (Also Damocles is replaced by TALIOS as part of F3R.). His article provoked a huge response from readers around the world. Rafale has had some impressive success on the export market since 2015, with the combination of RBE2 radar, combat record in Libya and aggressive French state support for marketing efforts contributing to success in Egypt, Qatar and Greece (as well as India). PIRATE is a genuinely exceptional IRST, although for years shortages of spare parts limited its use by various frontline squadrons. In a similar situation, Rafal has the advantage of using AASM with a longer range. Typhoon users will have to wait for the UK-developed ECRS2 radar and DAS upgrade for a competitive or even (potentially) superior option. It would be the first sale of Rafale outside France once the deal is finalized. Such missiles can carry up to 18 units (at six suspension points three at each). It is packed with a feast of material, ranging from interviews with fighter pilots (including the English Electric Lightning, stealthy F-35B and Mach 3 MiG-25 ‘Foxbat’), to wicked satire, expert historical analysis, top 10s and all manner of things aeronautical, from the site described as: “the thinking-man’s Top Gear… but for planes”. Digital processing is used to improve image quality. They are capable of hitting ground targets moving at speeds of up to 80 km/h (U.S. GBU-12 – 40 km/h). In terms of load carrying capacity, ECM, subsonic agility, low and medium altitude WVR performance and cost Rafale F3R would also likely still come out ahead of a Tranche 2 or 3 P3E standard Typhoon. Out of six competitors, Rafale and Eurofighter Typhoon had made up to the final round, Dassualt Rafale being the lowest bidder winning the deal [Read: Dassualt Rafale Wins 126 MMRCA Jet Fighters Deal With India ]. The German/Spanish Radar 1 order will, however, mean that there are a large number of AESA equipped Typhoons in service by the mid-2020s with all the Quadriga and Tornado replacement Typhoons to feature the capability. As far as I’m aware the Rafale has so far only been cleared for Meteor carriage on the two side-fuselage hardpoints although I could be wrong on that. As above, the higher the speed and altitude of an engagement, the better Typhoon performs relative to Rafale and vice versa. Typhoon’s habit of fighting at very high speeds and altitude for BVR engagements will result in a longer effective range on Meteor shots, but in practice there are almost no scenarios short of a full scale war with Russia where the rules of engagement would allow shots at such a range where that difference would tell. Specifications of Rafale Rafale can attain a maximum speed of Mach 1.8/750 kt (2,222.6km per hour) and can climb to up to 50,000 ft. In the SBD II variant, it is capable of hitting moving mobile targets. US development efforts have emphasised these cooperative engagement capabilities (CEC) far more than French ones over the past two decades, and Typhoon benefits from that weapon heritage. Their job is to deter and if necessary provide overmatch against the latest hostile fighter types. If it was a priority to up the Meteor carriage on Rafale to four, I expect that could be done at the cost of MICA numbers on the centre underwing station. F-22 Raptor vs SU-30MKI F-22 Raptor. In essence, the only real basic difference between the two is the number of engines. However, in terms of radar, the Rafale would still come out ahead due to its mature RBE2. The Damocles pod has an advantage over Sniper and Lightning III in that it features an integral datalink capability to transfer reconnaissance and target data directly to other stations such as those found on French Air Force tankers. However, an RAF standard Tranche 3 Typhoon would likely come out ahead on BVR performance, interceptor missions (due to extreme rate of climb and performance), ESM, terminal countermeasures and low-collateral strike capabilities. The French Air Force’s latest F3R aircraft with the RBE2 and Meteor are, on balance, likely to be the most capable Rafales around for much the same reasons as the RAF’s Tranche 3 Typhoons are. In terms of the design philosophy effects on the final aircraft, the Rafale has a greater emphasis on load carrying and exceptional handling even at very low speeds whilst the Typhoon as a design is more focused on maximum performance at altitude, and agility at transonic and supersonic speeds. Given that the arms market has serious rivals in the face of Russia and China, who offer their products at a much lower price, it will be quite difficult for Europeans to achieve significant achievements in the supply of their equipment for export. The typhoon would be destroyed before it even knew the JSF was there. It is still a brutal performer compared to most other fighters, but cannot match Typhoon’s climb rate and brute thrust especially at higher altitudes. ( Log Out /  The two aircraft have progressed different paths, … In extremely broad brush terms, French Rafales sit somewhere in the middle in terms of operating costs compared to Typhoon, being slightly more expensive than the UK’s Tranche 2 and 3 Typhoons under the TyTan support arrangements but cheaper than Spain or Germany’s Typhoons. Typhoon with the PIRATE system is significantly ahead of the legacy Rafale IRST. It has grown significantly and has come close to the cost of competitors. Typhoon is happiest at 50,000ft and above. The initial F1 standard was delivered with an initial batch of Rafale Ms for the Aéronautique Navale or Aeronavale (French Navy air arm) equipped for air-to-air … Required fields are marked *. As similar as the Rafale is to the Typhoon, it shares even more in common with the Gripen. Typhoon has had successes in Qatar and Kuwait, and a signature of intent from Saudi Arabia for another 48 aircraft soon. Our interviews with Typhoon pilot here , here and here. In practice, both types depend to a large degree on tanker support for most operational missions. By dint of being complex multi role single seat (in most cases) fighters, the HOTAS controls are fairly intimidating to someone used to a US teen series (or my DCS A-10C/F-16 HOTAS), but once mastered are extremely comprehensive. Typhoon is designed to excel in acceleration, climb rate and supersonic performance and agility at high altitudes for maximum beyond visual range capability. However, Brimstone is not designed to produce area effects or destroy structures, so for such targets the AASM family provides far more capability, especially with the larger ‘bomb’ body variants. According to Deutsche Welle, with reference to Spiegel Online, the operation of combat vehicles is much more expensive than the planned level. However, the deal could not be finalised by the UPA regime. A pilot from either of those two fighters would find little out of place or unfamiliar in terms of cockpit layout, although the internal menus and system logic may be different from what they are used to. However, to have a decent probability of kill against modern long range air defence radars, these missiles require accurate real time target location data. In this role, the Typhoon is probably the standout with its superior BVR capabilities in a large scale, open ROE engagement, but up close in a flashpoint around a QRA interception Rafale might have the edge. You can always go back and Compare any two aircraft in our database. On the JAS 39E modification, the range of weapons has increased markedly and includes KAB GBU-12, GBU-16, GBU-49, GBU-22, GBU-24, GBU-53 small diameter bombs, AGM-154 tactical guided-missile systems, AGM-158 JASSM cruise missiles. Between 15,000 and around 30,000ft the relative merits will depend on speed range, as if the Typhoon might start with an advantage in a supersonic merge but Rafale would improve relatively as speeds drop during a long engagement. – In Range, the Eurofighter’s LPD takes up a wet point As revolver cannons, both reach their maximum fire rate almost immediately. At higher altitudes, Typhoon’s greater specific excess power and decoupled canards give it a slight advantage, which increases as altitude increases above 45,000ft. Il Rafale è un aereo multiruolo di quarta generazione, e può essere paragonato all’Eurofighter Typhoon, costruito in Europa da Gran Bretagna, Germania, Italia e Spagna. However, if talking about a ‘guns’ fight, then Rafale has better agility, instantaneous turn and sustained turn capabilities below around 15,000ft. The ongoing flight trials of the SPEAR 3 multirole light standoff munition (which includes an EW variant for stand-in jamming) on UK Typhoons give the type access to another highly potent option, although at present the UK is only paying to actually use SPEAR 3 on F-35B. The Indian standard Rafales come with a Towed Radar Decoy (TRD) but the French aircraft currently lack this feature. A look into art and culture’s love affair with the aeroplane. The cost of 36 Rafale aircraft cannot be directly compared to the cost … TOPGUN instructor (and former F-14/F/A-18 crew) assesses Tomcat versus Meteor-armed Typhoon fight & list top 5 BVR fighters 2020 here. ( Log Out /  They are designed to destroy highly protected military installations. Rewards levels include these packs of specially produced trump cards. In that sense, both feature sensor fusion and represent a significant upgrade compared to legacy aircraft and previous Rafale and Typhoon standards. Typhoon has to make do with a less than fully optimised TAC-R pod as the RAPTOR pod fitted to Tornado GR.4 was not integrated when the latter was retired – in part because of centreline store size limitations on Typhoon due to the front landing gear leg placement. Shame about the whole referendum thing for the Swiss Air Force. Rafale, EF-2000 and JAS 39E aircraft can be suspended by up to four portable missiles (PKR), and two missiles can be fired on the JAS-39C. Earlier in the month, the ministry had asked all the contenders to resubmit their offset proposals, but according to the country’s Defence Procurement Procedure, offsets are not the prime criteria for source selection. Both can use third party target data to launch Meteor without active radar scanning by the launch aircraft, and both can hand off guidance in flight to other friendly assets. Low-observabilityBoth Rafale and Typhoon have low observable features but quite frankly neither is a low observable type. The actual cost will depend on the govt-govt relationship and how many of the bells and whistles each customer wants to pay for. Geographically surrounded on four sides by the Eurofighter nations, the frivolous observer may liken the French Rafale to Asterix and his indomitable friends. As such, both Typhoon and Rafale could make a very valuable contribution to a SEAD/DEAD operation in support of more stealthy penetrating ISTAR/strike assets such as F-35 or advanced UAVs, but if hypothetically forced to fight alone neither is particularly well suited at present – Rafale having a slight edge due to the SPECTRA suite. Rafal and EF-2000 use the British-French KR Storm Shadow/SCALP EG (British/French designation), Eurofighter and Gripen can use the Swedish-German CD KEPD-150/350 TAURUS (the Swedish Air Force has not been supplied as of 2019). However, after the installation of the MS20 software, it was able to use small-diameter GBU-39 bombs (up to 8 pieces). Both are devastating revolver cannons with selectable rates of fire. With the use of the GBU-39, Gripen’s ability to directly support troops looks more than worthy compared to the larger European fighters. In 2012, a confidential report of the Swiss Air Force's 2009 tests of the three contenders was leaked, which had rated the Gripen as performing substantially … Both aircraft originate from a single nation, both are close-coupled canard designs, and both were designed with a balanced approach towards being a true "multirole" fighter. French CAB with AASM outperforms American JDAM in terms of characteristics. The S-500 Prometey: Antidote To Hypersonic Weapons, Unbreakable 50-year record of Soviet submarine, Chinese media on the purchase of S-400 by India, INDIA getting ready to meet 500 tanks of a new generation of Russian-made T-14 Armata, There Is No Match Between India And Pakistan : Chinese Expert. Euro (!) With just about two months to go for the biggest air show in Asia, the registrations for Aero India 2021 are steadily growing. I will add an estimate in brackets for the Kuwaiti/Qatari standard Typhoon with the ‘Radar 0’ version of the CAPTOR-E AESA which is flying and enters service this year in Kuwait. According to all the Rafale pilots I have spoken to, the Rafale’s F3R standard HMI is superb from an operator’s point of view in multirole scenarios, especially in terms of displaying threat information. Range: 3,600 km: 3,700 km: Max speed: Mach 2.25 (2,390 km/h, 1,490 mph) Mach 1.8 (1,912 km/h) Service ceiling: 18,000 m: 15,235 m: Weight empty: 18.4 t: 10.3 t Rafale has a superior ECM (electronic attack) capability in the shape of the SPECTRA suite allowing it more options to degrade the performance of hostile SAM radars if it needs to penetrate defended airspace. With heavy loads, however, Rafale performs significantly better than Typhoon across the almost the entire performance envelope, having been designed from the outset to incorporate heavy multirole loads. Change ), Eurofighter Typhoon versus Dassault Rafale: A 2020 comparison – luftverteidigung.ch deutsche Version, In the cockpit with real Topgun instructor: Dave ‘Bio’ Baranek takes us for a brief history of fighter cockpits, F-106 to F-35 | Hush-Kit, In the cockpit with real Topgun instructor: Dave ‘Bio’ Baranek takes us for a brief history of fighter cockpits, F-106 to F-35 – My Blog, The US Air Force Secretly Designed and Flew a New Fighter Jet Testbed and I just Feel Depressed, Upgrade gets you Su-34 mug, signed book, RAF blood chit tea towel & WW2 badge, I was the first foreign pilot to fly the Mach 2.8 MiG-31 interceptor, here’s my story: By Air Marshal Anil Chopra (Retd), We don’t need no edgy ejection: Interview with man who ejected from a Harrier and played on a Pink Floyd album, Eurofighter Typhoon versus Dassault Rafale video: Part 1, Fleet Air Arm Myth #5 Taranto inspired Pearl Harbor. French Rafale jets, Eurofighter Typhoons and Russian SU-35s could be competing for Indonesian defence contracts. China Has Deployed J-11, J-16 Fighter Jets In Increased Numbers To Counter Indian Air Force At LAC. F-22 Raptor vs Sukhoi SU-35 F-22 Raptor. They’re trying to do something much more ambitious; although in many scenarios the output is functionally similar. Typhoon export users employ the Damocles pod (Saudi Arabia) and the Sniper pod (Kuwait). This is because modern SAM systems such as the S-400 and HQ-9 are highly mobile and have such long range that a subsonic cruise missile launched from a safe distance would take tens of minutes to arrive. Standard. I’m not 100% sure if Rafale can now use the full two-way datalink functionality on Meteor. At time of writing the following comparisons would be for the latest F3R Standard Rafale with the RBE2 AESA radar vs a Typhoon FGR.4 in UK service with the CAPTOR-M. They were executed with the use of stealth technology. directly from Dassault with none of the aircraft being made in India. The Rafal can be used specifically to disable the Apache runway with a range of up to 140 km. O istorie a contractului din India . TAURUS M is a variant with a cluster combat unit, designed to hit distributed small targets (positions of air defences, airfields, clusters of armoured vehicles, etc.). A few months later, India and France signed an agreement to buy 36 Rafale jets 'off the rack', i.e. Dassault Rafale vs Eurofighter Typhoon Comments of readers (Feel free to leave a reply on bottom)1. There’s a reason (beyond the undoubted inefficiencies and concurrency) why the US have had to put nearly half a trillion dollars into the F-35 programme to date, mostly aimed at getting the nightmarishly ambitious and complex software architecture to work. For example, Spanish Typhoons cost a great deal more to fly than British ones since the RAF flies its fleet a lot more and has more streamlined maintenance support arrangements. The F-22 is a flat out joke unless you want to use it unarmed as a spy plane or in long range dog fights. RAFALE v/s SU-35. What is Typhoon’s configuration designed to excel at, and the same for Rafale? In 2015, Research Fellow at the RUSI Think-tank Justin Bronk, compared Europe’s two middle-weight fighter aircraft, the Typhoon and Rafale,  The relatively subtle differences between these two superbly capable aircraft have inspired a great deal of heated debate, often poisoned by pride and nationalism. Rafale uses the Damocles targeting pod for light recce duties whilst RAF Typhoons use the Lightning III which also has limited FOV recon capabilities. Dassault, however, did agree to make investments in India by tying up local partners. How many Meteor could be carried in a wartime emergency? (Radar 0 will out-range both against airborne targets).

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