Paolo Gorini

Paolo Gorini

Between stone and ash on the bicentenary of his birth (1813-2013)
by Alberto Carli


This exhibition is dedicated to the work of the Lombardy naturalist Paolo Gorini (Pavia 1813 – Lodi 1881), author of experimental investigations of geology, promoter of cremation in Italy, but who became especially known in the mid-19th century for his preparation technique known as anatomical “petrification”, which became famous in 1872 when Gorini applied it successfully to the preparation of a deceased leader of the Risorgimento, Giuseppe Mazzini.
Stone and ash are the two cultural poles of a multi-faceted nineteenth-century scholar who from experimental geological research came to “mineralize” organic tissue and then devote himself to the “purification of bodies by fire”.


1. Biographical album
2. History of a collection
3. Petrification


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Digitization by Lorenzo Angeli

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